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Step 1. Tailor-made quotation

You will receive a quote that is aligned to your specific situation and wishes. We will get in touch with you and arrange a review before issuing a bespoke price. You can even choose to pay monthly with one of our flexible payment plans.

Step 2. The meter cabinet

The meter cabinet must be prepared before the charging station can be installed. The installers place a residual-current device in your fuse box and create a new flow group. Depending on your wishes, they also place a dynamic load balancing module in the meter cabinet.

Step 3. The charging station

A hole is made from the meter cabinet outward through the wall. The installers pull the cables and dig them in. They then place your charging station on a pole or on the wall. They then connect the charging station so that it can be activated.

Step 4. Explanation and advice

Afterwards, the installers tidy up everything, they carry residual materials and wipe the pavement or driveway, so that your house and garden remain clean. Together with you, the installers check the operation of the charging station and give you explanations and advice if you want.